Special Products

MagStatica and MagStaticaReflect 48-strand Braided Rope with Core (conform to EN 1891)

This Nylon safety rope consists of a polyamide core overbraided with polyamide sheath. This product made for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The characteristics required for PPE are low extension during normal working use along with a capacity to withstand forces generated by a fall. Some energy absorption is also desirable for this safety rope, which compromises with acceptable extension during normal working practice. This rope can be used as a working rope or safety rope.

The rope is also available with Reflective marker that reflects the light during the work or rescue operations in the darkness.

Dia, mm g/m Minimal breaking load, кN
10 67,0 30,5
10,5 72,8 31,5
11 75,0 32,5
12 95,0 41,0
14 130 44,0
16 160 54,0
The main applications of these ropes are:
  • work at height
  • work positioning and restraint
  • rescue operations
  • speleology