Special Products

Nylon Grommet

NYLON GROMMET is a round sling plied in half with protected thimbles at both ends to prevent the rope from wear. The galvanized thimbles are resistant to sea water. The construction provides for a combination of two braided ropes in one making the grommet well balanced, increasing its resistance to drop loads and protecting the core from wear; that makes the rope life longer even if used in extreme conditions. The grommets are made of UV-stabilized high tenacity Nylon yarn (9 g/den) of good elongation and low wear that allows to use grommets as a “spring” to absorb drop loads when towing ships by steel ropes.

Dia, mm Nominal weight of grommet (kg) Minimal breaking load, кN m*
60 75 1295 12
64 100 1470 15
80 206 2300 19
* Length of grommet
Main properties:
  • specific weight – 1,14 g/cm3 (sink in water)
  • melting temperature – 215°C
  • absorb humidity
  • low resistance to acids
  • standard colour - white (any other colour is available)